Posted by: Bruce Duncan | May 19, 2009

Sunny Day In Keswick

Its lovely and sunny here today in Keswick, apart from the odd tiny shower of rain.  My legs are still really sore and tired from the weekend, so i thought i’d go for a paddle instead.

I set about sorting my kayak out, i have lots of problems with trying to fit the feet rest, as i’m so tall its a real struggle to get it to fit, i’ve had to cut it down from the original size, but then its almost impossible to reach into the cockpit to actually fit it, any one walking past the house seeing my upper body inserted into the kayak must have had a right laugh.

Anyway after an hour or so i got it sorted and headed to the marina to put in.  It was pretty windy on the drive down and i was looking forward to it, as i need to get practice in the boat in rough conditions.  I put in and shooed away some geese after they hissed at me!  Then i set off down the lake into a stiff head wind.  The boat was really stable into the wind, i was paddling really strongly and felt comfortable, i did a couple of runs across the wind and was fine too.  I got to near the head of the lake and turned round so had the wind totally on my side, which was a bit tippy but ok, then as i headed back to the marina i had the wind totally on my back.  I was flying along and tried to surf the waves as much as i could, they were only about 6 in to a foot, but good fun non the less, and good practice for me.

Kayak and kit drying in the garden post paddle

Kayak and kit drying in the garden post paddle

So a nice hours paddle in glorious sunshine, and i feel much better about going out in rougher conditions now.  Whats really good is that i have done a nice session, its only lunch time, so i have the rest of the day to do what i want, luxuary.


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