Posted by: Bruce Duncan | May 21, 2009

Spinning the legs out

I have had a busy couple of days, yesterday i was given my sisters 2 kids to look after, as my sister was out with her husbands school all day on a long walk.

It was my job to look after them all morning, including taking them swimming!  A pretty full on experience it has to be said, trying to get 2 kids changed and yourself is not easy, they sure can move fast.  I survived this, then was onto lunch, i battled on, then we headed out to Watendlath to meet up with my sister and join the end of the walk.  It had been raining heavily all day, but the sun came out for the late afternoon, happy days.

Claire and Sebastiaan walking down from Watendlath

Claire and Sebastiaan walking down from Watendlath

After handing the kids back, Dad and myself went out for our usual Wednesday night kayak, its the West Cumberland Canoe Club paddle night at the Derwent Marina, so we usually go along.  Numbers were low, but we set off into a slight headwind to the head of the lake, and continued up to the Chinese Bridge.  I did a number of sprints on the way up the lake, trying to ensure my technique was sound before going at full pace for 30secs at a time.  In the river, the flow was very strong with all the rain we have had the past few days.  This made it tough going, but you could get a long way up with the higher levels.  I made it about 800m short of Grange, and decided to turn around.  I shot back down the river, going at real pace at some times,  which is a little scary with all the overhanging trees!

Back onto the lake i caught up with Dad who had turned around much earlier, and i continued to paddle hard all the way to the Marina, so in the end did a really good 2hr session, i was certainly tired afterwards.  The midges sadly are out in force now, so it was a quick pack up then home.

Today i did a bit of sorting, and faffing with my white water boat, trying to put all the fittings in, but sadly i’m missing a few bits, so can’t get it totally sorted just yet.

The sun was out most of the day, which was lovely, so I thought I’d go for a wee spin around the lake, its a great wee ride, so easy to do and got some nice climbs and descents to test you on the road bike.  Its getting busier on the road with all the tourists though, which can be a bit of a hassle, but also provides targets to chase down and try and over take!

Looking down to Latrigg from the side of Cat Bells

Looking down to Latrigg from the side of Cat Bells

So a nice couple of days, very different, but feeling good.  The legs felt ok tonight, so think i should be fine for the weekends exercise.  The plan is to run a section supporting my friend Steve Birkinshaw try and break the record of the most number of peaks climbed in 24hours!  i’m doing the section from Honister to Braithwaite form 9pm to 3am, its going to hurt.


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