Posted by: Bruce Duncan | May 26, 2009

A Great Weekend

Saturday was an odd day.  I was due to be running for 5 hours but not until 10pm at night, so I had a full day to fill before then.  Two great friends were down from Aberdeen, so we all went for a bike ride in the morning, beating the early walkers to the trails, we enjoyed peaceful riding most of the way to Rosthwaite.  We rode the Borrowdale Bash route, a classic trail from Keswick round the Borrowdale valley.  Up over the pass at Watendlath, down the tough rocky decent into Borrowdale, where Ali managed to hurl herself over the handlebars, she picked herself up, sporting some great bruises and carried on, easily riding the rest of the decent, even Timmys gully!!

Ali showing Tim how lines should be ridden!

Ali showing Tim how lines should be ridden!

We were home for about 12, a nice 3 hour ride in the morning, with most of the day left for me before I went running.  A walk into town to get some lunch from the lovely Lakeland Peddlar Café, then home to meet up with some other friends down from Scotland too.  More cake was eaten, then a wee walk to the lake in glorious sunshine, then cool cloudy condtions, all the while I was worrying about what the weather was going to be like for my night time run.

After a normal dinner and a bit of TV I got ready to go running, and just as I was expecting my pick up, I got a phone call.  Sadly Steve had given up on his attempt, the weather was just too bad, and the slight remnants of a cold he had was taking his voice from him, by all accounts he was very unhappy to do this, but there is little you can do when you set a date out in the future, and the weather and personal health just isn’t with you on that day.  He had managed 50peaks in 16hours to Wasdale though, so still very good going.  At the news I just stayed in with my friends and had an early bed.

Sunday we woke to glorious weather, and we set off to the Yorkshire Dales so Ben could go and fly his Hang Glider.  There was a competition going on that Ben would tag onto the back of.  As we set up surrounded by about 25 other gliders on a lovely sun drenched hill top with a brisk breeze blowing over us, it looked like a great day for flying.

Gliders getting set ready for take off

Gliders getting set ready for take off

Ben took off and soared into the sky, a very impressive sight that I had not witnessed before, soon there seemed to be hundreds of them buzzing around in the sky.  Ali, Amy and myself set off for a nice run, it was odd starting at the top of the hill, running to the bottom, then a long climb back to the car!  I carried on past the car along another ridge and right down into Hawse, a lovely 2hr run in blazing sunshine, I really enjoyed it, felt good and loved the different views I had.

Pen-y-ghent in the distance

Pen-y-ghent in the distance

Ali picked me up in the village and we had a wee icecream before heading off to pick up Ben from an as yet unknown destination.  He called an hour later and was only 2 miles from where we were enjoying a cup of tea and a scone!  He had had an amazing flight, getting to 7500 feet! And gliding for some 30miles, a huge grin plastered over his face at the enjoyement he had had.

We got back to Keswick at 6.30, the sun  was still high in the sky, and Ben and myself fancied a quick ride, so we shot off round the Glenderaterra valley between Blencathra and Skiddaw, it’s a great wee ride, fast double track, and good technical single track, all with amazing views. We blasted round in just over 1hour, a time that now has to be beaten!

Looking down to Derwent water from the side of Lonscale Fell

Looking down to Derwent water from the side of Lonscale Fell


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