Posted by: Bruce Duncan | June 19, 2009

Inline skate and Security.

So last night i tried to go skate training, its only just over a week till we leave to head to Sweden to compete in Explore Sweden, a 1000km monster of a race in North Sweden.

I had a great idea that i could maybe go and take a few laps around the JCB test track, a lovely 1 mile loop round a landscaped lake.  However when i turned up at 9pm, thinking most folk would be at home, i could still hear diggers working.  I thought they would probably head home soon, so i wondered to the old boat house to put my skates on.

No sooner than i had one skate on, i heard a vehicle approaching, knowing the ruthlessness of some of the JCB security staff i quickly took it off and pretended i was off for a walk.  However he hung around a while, and soon after he went and i thought it was probably a high risk activity and i was heading home, a green landrover shot around the lake, so at this time i ran away!  I generally find its the best idea to not get caught by them as they will give you a right earful.

Sadly there is no where else really very good for skating around Denstone where i am for a few days seeing friends and going to a wedding, so it was back to running an old route today, which was really good to do, its very beautiful around Denstone and Wootton and Alton, so a good wee run had this morning.

Off to Bath for my mates wedding tomorrow, and then back north on Sunday for more catching up and hopefully some more training.


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