Posted by: Bruce Duncan | June 27, 2009

Getting ready for Sweden

Well, its only a few days now till Explore Sweden 2009 starts.  1069km of racing, including mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, sailing, in-line skating, swimming, climbing and ropes.  Really looking forward to it, but the hardest part is getting to the start line.

So much kit is required for the race, it takes an absolute age to just get packed up and ready to go, and with so many different skills a lot of stuff will be needed but only for a short section.  Then we have to pack it all into the car and van to drive out to Sundsvall.  John is heading down from Scotland tomorrow, then we head to London via a village hall near the M56 to pick up the van that Nicola left for us.  In London we grab Nicks kit, and then Marty joins us for the drive out to Sweden.

Marty is one of our support crew, and he is going to be working wonders behind the scenes to keep us moving during the race, along with Nicola (a friend of Nicola M).  We are all really grateful for them coming out to help us, and hope we can race really strongly to reward them.

Training has been going well, it is very hard to train for a 1000km race which will last about 6 days, but we have all been out training in the individual disciplines, trying to get as good as we can, and hopefully in the race our fitness and mental strength will carry us through.

The toughest thing to deal with is the lack of sleep, we will probably only get a maximum of a couple of hours per night, sometimes we won’t get any, and we will have to work out where best to sleep, transitions could be good, but it is good to keep moving through them to keep the flow, and then find somewhere quiet to sleep.  In Patagonia we curled up in mossy clearings in forests, sheep pens and tree hollows.

You can follow the race online from the race website – – and you may be able to send us messages, so please do so, it makes a big difference to get notes from people back home.

I’ll post a report when i get back in a few weeks time.


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