Posted by: Bruce Duncan | October 12, 2009

First Aid Course

This weekend I completed a 2 day, 16 hour outdoor first aid course with Vital Signs.  The main reason for completing the course was for my Mountain Leader and Trail Cycle Leader certificates which require you to have this qualification.

It was a great 2 days, a small group of 7 likeminded people, including a 7yr old lad.  His dad had brought him along, and we were all amazed at how attentive and responsive he was, and his memory was astounding, often pointing out errors that the main group had made!

First Aid being given to a mountain biker

First Aid being given to a mountain biker

The course covered a variety of things, but the main section focused on the ABCDE of first aid, which was repeated a lot, it sounded like it would be tedious, but it all went very smoothly, and the repetition really drove home the skills you need.  With outdoor scenarios set up in the park opposite the theatre, it really made you think about how to approach different injuries and situations, be it on your own or as a group.  CPR, drowning, major blood loss and broken bones were also covered.

Nick Green who ran the course was very professional and highly experienced, filling in the core course work with stories of his own and asking the group for their personal experience.  The ratio of sitting down looking at slides and demonstrations to hands on practical work was very good, and the breaks allowed us to discuss many topics further.

The venue of the Keswick Theatre was great, and very handy for me, with easy access to the outdoors and adequate facilities inside.

Overall the course was great; it has given me a lot of knowledge that I hope I can retain and call upon if needed.  With all the racing that I do I think it could well be invaluable if anyone has an accident in the remote places we go to.  The price was very reasonable, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone needing a first course or a refresher.

The website for Vital Signs can be found here  Vital Signs First Aid Courses


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