Posted by: Bruce Duncan | October 28, 2009

Helly Hansen Store Opening

Last night i headed down to Manchester to the Arndale Centre, where our team sponsor Helly Hansen were opening their first UK Brand store.

Team HH in Patagonia

Team shot at the end of the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race

Helly Hansen have many stores all over the world, but in the UK you could only buy HH kit in other outdoor shops, now it is possible to view their full range from High Street Fashion items to Technical Mountain and Sports Clothing.

I had never been to a launch before, so was a bit worried about it, what do i wear? Most of my kit is outdoor branded, but i don’t have any casual HH kit. I turned up to be met by a lot of very smartly turned out people, HH staff, VIP’s, including Theo Walcott’s girlfriend who is the face of the lifestyle range!

With an ice bar rapidly melting and lots of cameras flashing away, the store was opened with a few speaches and presentations. Howard Lowe, Fiona Patterson and myself were the sole athlete representatives, and many of the other folk there were impressed to hear exactly what we all do.

Following on from the store opening, we were set a wee challange to get to the Champagne Bar where the party would continue. It was a mini urban race, with 15 questions needing to be answered involving getting to a number of different shops with the map provided. We didn’t take it very serioulsy, but wandered around the shopping centre managing to get lost, but finally got out and found the answers and made it to the party where we were presented with a lovely buffet and champagne!

It had been a great night, very different from anything i’d been to before, but good for us to have been there to show our support in payment for the support they give us.

I wish the shop lots of success, which i think it will have in such a prime location.


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