Posted by: Bruce Duncan | January 13, 2010

Wintry New Year

Well, i have once again been super busy over the last month.  I headed off to Canada, to the West Coast to get some great back country skiing in over christmas and new year.

It’s typical that as i go away, the UK has the best wintry period for years, but there was way more snow where i was, but shame not to be able to play in both.

Enjoying the stunning view high in the mountains

So a total of 9 days of great skiing in Canada, a few days at Whistler Blackcomb, a great overnight hut trip near Duffy Lake, then some lovelly day trips near Squamish.  The powder was amazing, so deep and kept being refreshed, so new tracks almost all the time, i have never skied in such conditions, fell in love with it.

Jon and Thomas and Blencathra in the background

Jon and Thomas with Blencathra in the background

Arriving home on the 2nd Jan, the snow was still lying thick on the Lakeland fells, so i was super happy to be able to get out and play in it.  My brother was also around, and i really enjoyed catching up with him and his wife and 2 wee kids.  Running with Jon is always good, i love the social side of being out in the gorgeous hills with my Brother, and the way he kills me as he is so much faster, one day i’ll get him on a bike!

My sister’s family all stayed at Dads as well for the week, so despite me being away fro christmas, we had a fantastic family week with all the wee children in superb weather.  Sledging, running, walking, skidding and chatting, a great way to ease into 2010.

A very frozen Blea Tarn with Harter Fell in the distance

I then headed over to Eskdale to do a wee bit of painting for some friends here  Fisherground Farm House its a stunning holiday house, that used to be the owners family house, so it was odd being back there to see the new layout and new function, and it was quiet, considering the noise and banter that always used to be present there.  Between painting i managed to get out for a run up to Blea Tarn.  It really is a beautiful place, my favourite valley in the Lake District.  I had my camera with me, and took some great wee shots.

I then headed to Manchester for a weekend, more snow and sledging fun was had, along with a walk up Kinder Scout in full on conditions.  It was quite busy up there, especially the fully frozen falls, there must have been about 4 parties queueing up to climb it.

Awesome new down sleeping bag

Awesome new down sleeping bag.

Back to Keswick on Monday via a trip to our great new sponsor, ARK consultants, who are owners of The OMM and also bring in loads of cool amazing equipment from various countries.  It is all top end stuff, and we are very grateful for their support.  We are getting a bunch of stuff for Patagonia, which is only a few weeks away!

I have now moved house, up to the wilds of Darling How, a great wee cottage out the back of Whinlatter.  its great, but tricky to get to at the moment, the snow is pretty thick here, and snow chains are a must to get to the house.  A real shame i have a cold at the moment, as i can’t make the most of the stunning location.

Well, think that is me about up to date. Lots more coming up, friends launching a new range of gym equimpent, the Adventure Racing Ball in Stavely, Patagonia, training, and settling into my new place.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and New Year, and remember to get out there and play in the snow, who knows when we will get it this good again!!


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