Posted by: Bruce Duncan | January 21, 2010

Adventure Race Ball

Last weekend saw the annual Adventure Race Ball, which was held at Wilfs and the Brewery in Stavely Mill Yard.  It was a great gathering of folk from all over the country, and a rare occasion that we all meet up socially, and an even rarer occasion that we all get dressed up in posh frocks and smart suits.

We met in Ambleside for a mountain bike ride saturday morning, it was cold and wet, but we still had a good turn out.  We then proceeded to slip and slide our way to Hawkshead for a pub lunch before continuing on the ride back to Ambleside.  The paths were really icy, and made riding rather interesting, but i think the roads were the worst, no ice, then all of a sudden the whole road was covered, and you were going fast.  There were a few falls but nothing too bad.  My drive side crank arm was about to fall off too, poor bike maintainence!  So i stopped at the pub, and went for a run in the afternoon instead.

After glamming up and getting to the ball for a champagne reception, Wilfs laid on a great meal, and then the coveted Adventure Race Award Ceremony took place.  There were a lot given out, and all were well deserved, except mine, but i’ll keep that quiet!  A ceildh was then held, and with the adventurous type we all are, everyone was up dancing almost every time, this made it quite cosy, and a lot of toes were trodden on.  The basket dance was probably the best, and Ant Emmet and myself joined forces to ensure we got some great spinning going on.

Sunday morning was lovely, sunny and all the hills out of the cloud.  After a lot of people watch the Adventure Race World Championships on Channel 4 in the morning, (you can see it here, it is a brilliant show Adventure Race World Champs 2009), we all headed up Kentmere to go for a number of runs all varying in length.  The usuall AR faff occoured and parties got split up, but in the end everyone got the run they were after.

The long run went up to the reservoir, and then up the hills to the east, the snow was really deep still, and it was hard work plugging away up the hill to get to the ridge line.  Once up the snow was deep in places, and non existent in others having been blown off.  We ran along the ridge a short way before dropping back to the valley.  This was great fun, running, jumping, shoving, sliding our way down the snow.

It was lovely up high, the light was amazing, and again it was brilliant to be out with so many good friends all having fun.  Heading back to the valley, we ran pretty fast, burning off the excesses of the previous night, and working up a healthy appetite for our planned roast lunch in Stavely.

A last catch up with all the run groups in the pub, then everyone headed home, luckily i only had a 40min drive home, the folks heading south on the M6 had to contend with cows on the road!

Thanks to Ant Emmet for organising such an awesome weekend.


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