Posted by: Bruce Duncan | January 28, 2010

Patagonian Exped Race, Just around the corner!

Its not long now till I’ll be flying over the Atlantic Ocean to Chile once again.  I can’t believe a whole year has rolled around since we last set off to Patagonia on a totally unknown adventure. Now we know exactly what we are letting ourselves in for, we know how wet, cold and miserable we might become, but still we are excited about heading back

The last year has seen a huge amount of changes in my life, leaving my full time job in the oil industry up in Aberdeen, moving to the Lake District, being a full time athlete and getting some outdoor qualifications.  These have been big changes, but ones I have embraced and thoroughly enjoyed.  I have trained hard all year, making the most of what I have on my doorstep, and I am intrigued to see if it makes a difference to how I race in Patagonia, and to see how my experience helps in the event, last year I was about to embark on my first expedition length race, now with a few under my belt, I hope it will go a lot smoother.

Final preparations for the Wenger Patagonian Expedition race have gone well, I found all my kit in all the various boxes and places I had it stored.  I have trained hard over the winter doing a lot of strength and conditioning work in the gym, and having had a year racing with and against my team mates we know each other really well.

There is still the usual last minute emails and phone calls to each other and the race organisers to ensure we have all the paperwork and kit that we need.  I still need to chase up a number of items, my insurance, passport details, medical certificates and climbing qualifications, but fingers crossed I can get it all sorted before the end of the week.

For the last few days I have been on the road, working for Threshold running training events for Nokia.  This involves long days and plenty of travel, but there have been some good friends working too, so we have managed to get in some good runs and training sessions between working.

This weekend is the latest in the Helly Hansen series of races, it is being held at Pirbright, and we are putting in 2 teams again.  I am racing with Nick and Tom, so hopefully we can challenge for the win against our big rivals in this race, VO­­2. Nicola, Mark and Howard are also racing together.  This will give us chance to meet up to swap kit, chat about the race, and test how fit we are, (and hope its all good, as we don’t have much time!).

Helly Hansen Race - Finish Line

I will continue to train hard to the end of this week, then next week will be much more steady, involve getting some good sleep in, and also plenty of food too!  The race starts in 9 days time, so its getting very real now.

To follow us when we are out in Patagonia, go to the race webpage for satellite tracking. Patagonian Expedition Race and follow Team Helly Hansen Prunesco.



  1. Good luck Bruce and thanx for the insight. I am a rookie film maker originally from Argentina but raised in Holland, now currently living in Spain, and I am writing, finishing actually, after 13 months of research and preparation, the movie script of what I hope to be my debut in the feature length film circuit. The movie has a bit of an Adventure Racing background. It is about two athletes who are asked to help in the search of a lost kid out in some wild mountains. I came across your blog doing some research, looking for info and an inside point of view. I’ll be sure to follow you guys on this up coming race. I am very lucky to have found your blog just now. Best of luck!

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