Posted by: Bruce Duncan | February 5, 2010

Getting there is half the battle…

So, we are due to fly tonight to Patagonia, and you’d have thought that would be the easy bit.  Pack kit in bags, pack up bike, go to airport and fly.  Sadly, its never that easy.  Last night as a number of other teams headed off to Chile, they hit huge issues at the checkin desks, bags too heavy, too big, excess costs soaring to £1000’s!

So today we decided to ensure we actually got to the race we would just take bike bags instead.  Not too much of an issue, but as i am in London and all my other kit is in the Lake District, thats not so easy for me.  I have ended up shelling out for a new bike bag, which was a massive headache on its own, you ring up one shop, they tell you they have one.  Upon arriving they tell you that that one is actually for someone else.  So off to the next shop, taking on London’s morning traffic!

Finally i got hold of a bag, and have not packed it all up, and luckily it all fitted in, but i am pretty worried about how the baggage handlers will throw it around, can’t think of that though, so fingers crossed it will be ok.

All the rest of my kit is sorted i think.  There have been hundreds of emails back and forth about what we need, late changes to kit, who has what items, and what bags we are actually taking.

I think i am almost ready now, all that needs to be done is book the taxi, and get to the airport.  It’s a long journey, we leave tonight, (5th) and get to Punta Arenas at 8pm on the 6th.  We have a long stop over in Santiago and are being met by Marcelo from Prunesco, this will be a great chance to thank our sponsor and chat about races we have planned for the rest of the year.  Then the final flight to Punta Arenas with the other British team, Fast and Light, who have missed their connection inMadrid.

I am off for a run now, be good to get one last leg stretch in before being cooped up on a plane for hours, and to just see how i feel.

Keep watching the race for updates and satalite tracking  Wenger Patagoniain Expedition Race



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