Posted by: Bruce Duncan | March 8, 2010

Sport Relief

Last week i got a last minute call asking if i could help out on the Sport Relief £1Million cycle.  I was up in Scotland anyway, so said it would be no problem, and duly got myself to Fort William to join the crew.

It turned out to be an amazing week, i went all the way to Lands End, i was supposed to stop in Moffat but got asked to carry on.  Some really surreal moments, and crazy things behind the scenes to ensure that the riders got to the end in time.  They were a great bunch, and really pushed themselves to raise a huge sum of money for charity.

Nick and Me with Davina

What an event to be part of, something i won’t forget for a long time, the documentry on it on the 19th March should be great, but there are lots of wee clips on the sports relief website already i think.

At Lands End - They made it

Now need to get back into a normal routine of training, been a great few weeks off relaxing and recovering after Patagonia, but must get back into it, as i have a race in 2 weeks time!


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