Posted by: Bruce Duncan | March 15, 2010

Weekend at home

This weekend was my first at home for almost 3 months, and it was lovely to not have to worry about packing bags and cars to head off somewhere.  The weather in the Lake District has been great for a few weeks too, and it was the same this weekend, cool but clear and crisp, perfect for getting out and about.

My girlfriend was here, but i managed to get out for a quick run in the morning, and then a wee walk later in the day, along with meeting up with some great friends for dinner in Keswick in the evening.  They were down from Edinburgh so Tom could do some navigation practice for his Mountain Bike Leader course he has in a few weeks time, he picked a great day, and hope the assessment day is as good.

On sunday we had a bit of a lie in, and then Femke and myself got out for a nice road ride, Femke is just coming back from injury so a wee 30km loop around the gorgeous, and luckily for us, very quiet valley of Lorton and Loweswater.  The conditions were perfect, a light breeze, sunshine and dry roads.  It was great to get out for a spin, i need to get plenty of miles in for the Fred Whitton that i have coming up in May, so hopefully we can get out together more and more.

In the afternoon Kat and myself had a wee amble up Lords Seat for stunning views of Keswick, over the Helvelyn, the Dodds and Skiddaw, as well as Grisedale Pike.  Then a quiet evening of not much, a rarity for me.

View looking over Keswick with Latrigg and the Dodds in the distance.

View looking over Keswick and Latrigg, with the snow covered Dodds in the distance

So all in all a great weekend, some good training in, legs are feeling good to go hard this week, and with the weather looking set to change, it was nice to get out in the last of the sunny conditions.


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