Posted by: Bruce Duncan | June 9, 2010

Cullin Ridge

Yesterday i think i had the best mountain day ever.

Nick Graice and myself took on the Cullin Ridge with an expert local guide, Bruce Poll.  It is unique in Great Britian, nothing even comes close anywhere else.

Setting off at 5.30am from Glen Brittle Campsite, we got to the top of Gars-bheinn at 7.35am, and started the clock on the ridge run.  Bruce Poll has completed the whole thing in 3hrs 30mins, but we knew we would be well off that pace!

The ridge is amazing, there is no where you can put your hands in your pockets and just saunter along, the entire way is exposed and loose and tricky underfoot.  The ridge is only about 12km, it is very hard to measure on a map however, but with all the ups and downs and wee diversions you have to take it is a slow trek along the top.

We took 8hrs 45mins to the top of Sgurr nan Gillean, not too bad really considering neither Nick or myself have done much climbing, and moving in a bigger group is always slow.  We also took time to enjoy the views, which were amazing, truely stunning.  It is days like these that you realise how amazing this small country we live in is.

There are some great wee abseils and tricky climbs, Bruce on his fast time down climbs and solos all of these with no rope, a remarkable feat of nerves and skill.  Nick and myself certainly are not slow in the mountains, but even we were astounded at the pace you would have to move to get near that time.

The entire way along the ridge you are rewared with the most impressive views, scenes that cannot be captured by camera, and will live in your mind forever.  We took our time to take these in, and to capture as much as we could on camera. A selection of which are below (or will be when i get round to it!)

If you are into adventure, a bit of climbing and having the most amazing expericence of your life i  really would say you have to get up and do it.  Completing in the one day is tough, we were very tired at the end, 12hrs from Glen Brittle to the Sligachan Hotel, moving fast, going lightweight.  Its a big ask, but to do it over 2 or maybe even 3 days would be spectacular.

The weather is a big issue though, not much you can do but plan a week up in Skye, and pray you get good conditions. Nick and I were super lucky to nail the weather, we didn’t have much time to get it done, but had pretty much perfect conditions.

Mid morning on the Cullin Ridge

Nick on the Cullin Ridge


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