Posted by: Bruce Duncan | July 16, 2010

Edinburgh Rat Race

This weekend sees the 7th running of the Edinburgh Rat Race.  The inaugural Rat Race was back in 2004, and it is still going strong, and Team adidas TERREX are heading up to take on all the challenges the city can throw our way.

Nicola, Nick and I will be racing, this will be the first time the 3 of us have raced together at a Rat Race, but we have all completed many of the events, and even planned some, so we have a good insight as to what to expect from Gary the event director.

The weather however isn’t looking brilliant, and as I sit here the rain is lashing across the hills in the Lake District

The Rat Race is always a fun weekend though, catching up with friends in a city environment, rather than the usual forest, mountain or other remote location, so its always very social.  The racing is just as hard, but often very different, racing on speed cross bicycles, climbing frames and space hoppers!  It will hurt, as there is a lot of road running, and it is so short and intense, but I’m looking forward to it.

The event is being filmed for Channel 4 too, so look out for it in a few weeks time, and I’ll pop up our result here next week.

Rat Race Website


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