Posted by: Bruce Duncan | August 23, 2010

adidasTERREX Adventure Race

Its almost here, the 4 day non stop adventure race across the Lake District.

I have been working pretty much  non stop for the past few months to get this race ready, out checking out control locations, marking special stages up, getting the maps sorted, and hardest of all, putting the controls.

This past week I have been running, mountain biking, and kayaking all over the Lake District, up some pretty big hills, and across some deep valleys.  It has been really hard work and very tiring, so my food bill has certainly gone up!  But being out in the hills in some remote places on your own is amazing, stunning scenery, amazing rivers and streams and howling weather.

This coming weekend, the competitors will hopefully enjoy a whirlwind tour of some of the most amazing places and best riding and running that the Lakes District has to offer.  The race will be tough, with thousands of metres of climb, but adventure racing isn’t an easy sport, if teams had wanted that they would have entered a 10km fun run!

As the last few things get sorted for the event, I can’t wait for it to start, and almost to be over so I can get back to my normal life, what my normal life is though I have yet to discover.

Keep track on the race this bank holiday weekend by visiting the race website and following the satalite tracking of the teams, adidasTERREX Adventure Race

Out putting controls out for the adidasTERREX

The Lakes at their best



  1. Good luck with the race, lad. Hope all goes to plan.

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