Posted by: Bruce Duncan | August 31, 2010

The adidasTERREX Adventure Race

So, thats it, all done and dusted.  12 months of planning, countless hours out checking control sites, hanging controls, poring over maps, phoning land owners, farmers, councils, police, hire companies and everyone in between.

I have had a brilliant time this weekend.  To see all the teams cross the line with a huge smile was a brilliant feeling, and even brought a wee tear to my eye when chatting to the teams, and hearing their stories and all the highs, and a few lows that they had had.

When I started planning the course, i had planned to make it something that I would want to do, and it certainly was, I was pretty jealous at times, seeing the guys racing hard, running along the ridges, kayaking along the lakes and flying along on mountain bikes.  There were tough sections, and plenty of people muttering words about me! but hopefully they made the other bits seem even better.

I had a fantastic time following the race, traveling around the entire event, and getting a few snippets of info from the leading teams, i was then lucky enough to get to fly around a lot of it in a TV helicopter, acting as the navigator for the pilot to go out and get the best shots. It was an amazing experience, having never been in one before, to fly around the Lake District over some of the most stunning scenery the UK has to offer in glorious weather was amazing, I was one lucky sod for sure!  We did get some brilliant images, flying alongside my team mates in Team adidasTERREX on the final mountain bike stage was amazing, and seeing Phil Humphreys of ace race fame running down from Great Dodd with his team mates in the stunning evening sunshine was brilliant.Team adidasTERREX from the air, mountain biking along the Old Coach Road during the adidasTERREX adventure race

I can’t wait to see the TV show in November, to be able to see all the bits of the race that i missed as i was elsewhere, and hopefully to find out stories of what went on out in the hills.  Just chatting to teams at the finish line made me feel really jealous, but also pretty proud that I had set out a course that so many people could complete to a lesser or greater extent, but still really pushed the elite teams.

It is going to be odd the next few days and weeks, having spent almost 12 months working on the race to suddenly have nothing to do for it, but I will take away amazing memories of a brilliant weekend of racing, and I hope to very soon be back on the other side of the fence, racing alongside my friends to take on whatever fool plans the next one!

A huge massive well done to all the competitors and marshals who made the race what it was, without you my job would have been pointless.  Enjoy the rest and recovery, and I will see you out there on a bike, or running, or in a kayak very soon!!

There are loads of images on the website, and videos and blogs, they are well worth looking at here



  1. Well done brucey, you done good. Glad was able to help out just a little bit. See you soon big lad.

  2. Congratulations Bruce on an awesome event! You should be proud.

    Refuelling on doughnuts now. Ant

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