Posted by: Bruce Duncan | September 16, 2010

Nokia Scottish Coast to Coast

Nokia Coast to Coast

It’s here, after months of thinking it was ages away, all of a sudden I find myself checking in online to fly to Inverness tomorrow!!  Where did the time go to, have I done enough training, what lies ahead???

I have been very busy for the past few months working on delivering a great 4 day adventure race for the adidasTERREX event.  I did manage to get a good amount of training in though, mostly when i was putting out the controls, but that might have been offset by the lack of rest I got, oh well, time will tell.

The race is going to be great though, I am really looking forward to it.  There are loads of friends competing as well, some in the 2 day version, some in the 1 day racer category and lots in the 1 day expert category.  So there will be some full on head to head racing!!

The forecast has changed a lot over the past few days, as is usual for the west coast of Scotland, but there is little that I can do about that, so I just intend to turn up, suck up whatever the sky is throwing at me and get on with it, and to be honest, most of my training is done in pretty bad weather, so the worse the better for me!!

It will be very interesting to see what happens at the start line, a short 10km flat run to start with could see people set off at a very quick pace, but its a long day, over 160km of running, road riding, kayaking, and off-road biking.  I’m sure there will be some great banter though, with so many top athletes racing against each other, when most of them usually race in teams together, it will be fun to see who tries to be the best!

Kayak training

I intend to race pretty hard all day, I have a plan and a timeline I am hoping to stick too.  Clearly, in Scotland anything could happen, so I am crossing my fingers to hope it all goes smoothly.  I have a great support crew, and I have got a good assortment of supplies to keep me fueled for the day, and my kit is all top-notch thanks to my great sponsors, so I have minimised all the things I can.

Sunday is going to be a tough day, especially the long kayak section, some 18km into a potential head wind on Loch Ness, but once this is out of the way I will be a happy man.  There are so many incentives to go hard, that it will be hard to keep to a steady rhythm, but this mixed with a good racing strategy should see me go well.

The only downside to the event, there is no navigation.  A blessing for some, a real disappointment for me.  I love navigation, and know that I can race at the same speed whether following signs or navigating, whereas many other folk have to really reduce their speed.

Pretty much all my kit is up in the Lake District, and is being driven up to Nairn by my support crew, I have all the other kit here in London, and will fly up to join Jane in Nairn and get set for the race.  I have to do a talk for some of the Nokia VIP’s on Friday evening, then a relaxing day on Saturday watching the challenger class head off, then getting my gear in the right place for Sunday’s race.

I will update this on Monday or Tuesday to let you know how I got on, but would like to thank all my sponsors who have enabled me to get to the start line with all the kit I need.


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