Posted by: Bruce Duncan | October 13, 2010

Back into Training

After the Nokia Outdoor Series Coast to Coast I was pretty tired and needed a rest.  So I decided to take a few weeks off and rest up, enjoy some of the London nightlife and rest my body and brain from the rigours of training.

Since then I have joined a team to compete in the Abu Dhabi Adventure Race in December, and getting a few emails from the team it sounds that they are training hard.  So I think its time that I started getting back into some light training and building things up again.

Yesterday morning I did my first specific training session, it was a circuits session, but with a twist.  It was run by my good friend John Limpus who owns and runs Urban Vitality, a personal and group training company, which does all its training using the local parks near Chiswick.

Working hard in the Park

This is a great way to train, I think it makes you work harder than you would in a gym, and it has the added incentive of pushing yourself to stay warm!!  The session i joined yesterday was at 6:45, so an early start, but I felt fine and was good to train with a totally new group of people, many of which put me to shame on the circuit exercises!

John has a great company going, and I’d highly reccomend it to anyone wanting to do this sort of exercise in a non gym environment, but not with the same harshness as the British Military Fitness sessions i have witnessed.

Today my abs are killing me, my thighs burn a bit, but I’m happy to feel like that, knowing the session is working!


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