Posted by: Bruce Duncan | November 24, 2010

Packing, Packing, Packing

All of a sudden its almost the end of November.  How did that happen??

The stunning Lake District

It has been a brilliant month, some fantastic weather in The Lake District, both sunny and wet, allowing for some lovely running conditions and great white water kayaking conditions too, and giving plenty of mud for the mountain bike riding.

It has been a perfect month to get back into my training, and I have loved it.  It has been hard to get back up to speed with some tough runs and rides in horrid conditions and with my body really not wanting to be out there getting into shape, however it has been well worth it and I am feeling much stronger and fitter now.

Its always hard getting back into your training, but it has been made alot easier with having other friends who are up for training.  Sally and Liz have been great to get out with, with the added bonus of some great home made baking.  Mid week training is great fun when you are out as the hills are so quiet, but when you are unfit it makes a huge difference to go out with other people.  With Sally and Liz having lots of days off mid week this has worked perfectly, as I’m sure there would have been many missed days if I’d been training just on my own.

Ant running off Dollywaggon Pike with the Central fells in the background

I got a great run in with Ant, running leg 2 of the Bob Graham for a recce for an attempt next year, (bigger plans on this will be released soon).  It was a lovely day, a good lot of snow on the ground, but perfect for running over the tops with stunning views and perfect winter temperatures.  It was followed by watching England beat Austrailia in the Rugby, so a perfect day really.

I also got in my first night ride of the season, I went to Grizedale forest with Aitch.  It was great fun, but annoying with my big light having a loose connection, I really need to sort it out, as not ideal when you are flying along, hit a bump and it goes dark! We escaped majopr injury, I did give the board walks a close inspection at one point, frost on wet boards is not fun!  This was all followed by a chippy tea and then watching the amazing films Life Cycles and Vast in Ambleside with the who’s who of Lake District mountain bikers.

This weekend just gone was the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.  It is always a huge weekend, a tribal gathering of the outdoor world, where you can watch amazing films, meet the top climbers/bikers/skiers and grab a beer with them.  I was helping out driving the VIP’s around to venues and airports, it was great fun and had some brilliant chats with various people, but I think the highlight was meeting Glen Plake, such a legend in the snowsports world, and a really pleasant fella. (not to mention the hair!!)

Glen Plake at the Kendal Mountain Fest - check out that hair!

It was a tough weekend though, long days, late nights and a few beers thrown in!  Getting a great ride round Kentmere with lots of friends for Sally’s birthday certainly blew the cobwebs away.  But the social aspect was brilliant, always such a top weekend.

This week I am trying to sort out all my kit as I am about to be away for over a month.  I am off to London to do the Hell Runner with Ed Coats, and then I have some work in London for the Deloitte Ride Across Britain.  Then I fly out to Dubai on the 6th December to get a few days of acclimatisation before the start of the 5 day Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge.  I’m really excited about this, been talking about doing it for a few years, and finally I’m heading out to race with some friends and enjoy the sun and warmth!

As soon as I’m back I’m off to Chamonix for Christmas with Ant and bunch of others, so that will be fun, another Christmas skiing, happy days.  I then fly home to go to one of my best friends weddings in Denstone where I grew up, so a perfect chance to catch up with lots of friends.  After this I am into the Peak District for New Year with some friends who I used to work and mountain bike with up in Aberdeen.  They have moved to Norway now, so will be a perfect chance to catch up.

Kit explosion in my room, skis, bags, jackets and no floor space!

So then it will be 2011, crazy.  At the moment I’m not sure what my plans are.  I have a few races to train for, hopefully some work, some planning for a PR event for the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race, and who knows what else!

So its all go, its a lot of fun, but packing for such a long trip is a bit of a nightmare, so much kit to get sorted, I’ll get there eventually, but might have to write lots of lists before I’m done.

I hope to pop some updates on here while I am away, and maybe release some news on a big plan I have for next year!!


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