Posted by: Bruce Duncan | January 2, 2011

2011, What does it hold?

2010 has been a brilliant year.  I have enjoyed some great sporting success, planned a huge adventure race, worked on some large sports events, and had loads of fun.

The highlights for me have been going back to Patagonia to compete in the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race, racing from the top of Tierra Del Fuego to the south and then onto Isla de Navarino.  It was a stunning race, with amazing scenery, brutal winds and harsh weather all rolled into one great trip.

Some smaller races filled in the gaps, the Helly Hansen series gave us great sprint racing, then the Open Adventure Series races were great fun, Nicola and myself winning the Open24.  The Edinburgh Rat Race was a fun wee outing, and I really enjoyed racing with Nicola in Edinburgh again, after our last outing there a number of years ago.

The Nokia Coast to Coast was the biggest solo race of the year for me.  I had been working hard on planning the adidasTERREX adventure race all summer, so all my training was done reconnoitring the route for the event.  The event was tough, especially with the bad weather.  I really enjoyed the race though, and to win it by such a clear margin was brilliant.

All the events I have worked on and raced in this year have just whetted my appetite for more of the same.  So in 2011 I intend to do more big races, and hopefully travel to more fantastic locations to race.

At the moment, I have not confirmed all of the things I am doing, but some have been nailed down.  Again we are off to Patagonia to race in the WPER, it is going to be near the Southern Ice Field, which should be an amazing experience.  The 3 Peaks Yacht race is another one inked into the calendar and the adidasTERREX Coast to Coast in August.

The biggest event of the year for me however is the epic challenge that Ant Emmet and myself have set ourselves. The Epic Tri This is to complete the Bob Graham, John O Groats to Lands End, and the Devizes to Westminster kayak race, all non stop back to back!

It will be a huge undertaking, and we can’t wait to get stuck in with it.  The training will be tough and long, and the event itself will be huge and very painful.  I hope that we can raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK, so please be as generous as you can.

So that’s it.  2010 done and dusted with some great results, and 2011 looking set to be another fantastic year.

All the best to you out there, keep making the most of everything you come across, and have fun.



  1. Oh man, your year sounds so amazing that I regret a bit that I didn’t travel as much. Perhaps this will serve as inspiration for the year to come!


  2. Bruce – you’ve had an awesome year and 2011 sounds to be equally fun! Would love to join you on a few of your adventures! Very keen to give the 3 peaks yacht race a crack! Would tag along for the Epic Tri, but I’m off to do the MDS on 31 march!

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