Posted by: Bruce Duncan | January 23, 2011

Team Training and Media Fun

The last few weeks have been non stop for me.  Sadly its not all been for training.  I have been pretty busy planning a team training day in the Wye Valley, along with Tom Gibbs, for the Patagonia team to come along and go out with Mike Bushall from the BBC Saturday Breakfast show, and Richard Madden from the Telegraph, for a run, mountian bike and kayak.  We also popped in a wee abseil for them to have a go at that.

I think we were on the go for about 6 hours, there was a fair bit of standing around, and re doing certain sections to ensure the BBC got the right shots.  We were incredibly lucky with the weather too, with heavy rain on Monday, and heavy rain forcast for today, the sun shone on us very kindly.

Running up and down the same hill over and over...

Mike and Richard were both very enthusiastic about the event, and were both pretty keen to keep going for longer.  They had  run along with Nick Gracie, Fi Spotswood and Mark Humphey over The Kimmin which overlooks Monmouth, before jumping into double sea kayaks and paddling down the river Wye to Bigsweir Bridge.  Tom Gibbs then joined us and lead the guys off on a wee bike ride, involving a lovely climb up a 1in7 hill to get the lungs bursting. After a final run above Tintern Abbey, we had set up a tiny abseil to give the media a guys a wee taster of what we get up to in a race.  This was then followed by putting up the team tent to demonstrate how we sleep in a race, all very cosily in a tiny tent.  The BBC piece went out on saturday, catch it here if you missed it. BBC film It was a really good article and gave a good wee intro into the life of adventure racing.

Since then I have been up and down the country a few times, fitting in as much training as possible, and also doing some work.  Last week I was helping out with the logistics of a Comic Relief challenge being undertaken by The Inbetweeners.  It was fantastic fun, driving round the countryside finding rude street names that the lads from the show were heading to.  There was very little time off, but I really enjoyed it.  With being on the road for 4 days I didn’t get much training in, but as soon as I got back to the Lakes I have been out everyday.

Training run over to Pike of Stickle

This weekend I got a great run in over the hills from Dunmail Raise on leg 3 of the Bob Graham.  I ran as far as Pike of Stickle, then looped back to Thirlmere and back up to the top of the pass. It was a glorious day, and it was brilliant to be out on the fells in such amazing conditions.  There were quite a few people out walking, but with the route I chose I just passed their path, and generally was running totally alone all the time.

Today I went out for a fast ride with Ant Cooper, Matt Martindale and Jake Morgan around Kentmere and over the Garburn pass.  It was another great day, and a bit warmer than we thought, so got pretty toasty in all our layers.  The climb up Garburn over towards Kentmere was tough, and the lines have changed a bit due to all the water we’ve had in the Lakes, but we managed to climb most of it.

The ride was finished off with lunch in Wilfs cafe, where I realised that I had eaten my sunday lunch in there 3 weeks in a row!! Eating the same meal too, it is tasty though.

This week I have to sort out lots of kit for Patagonia, which is scarily in just over 2 weeks time, we fly in less than 2 weeks!  I can’t wait to get out there, but sorting out all the kit before hand is a nightmare.  Oh well, won’t get done on its own.

Cycling up Garburn Pass

Hope all your January training/fun is going well.



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