Posted by: Bruce Duncan | January 25, 2011

Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race 2011

I can’t believe that a year has flown by, and I am once again packing my bags to head off to Southern Chile, to compete for the 3rd year in the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race (WPER).

Abseiling in Wenger Patagonian Race 2010

It is always a daunting time just before a race, so many questions running through your head, am I fit enough? have I got all the right kit? what did we say we should bring with us from last year? who else is racing? how will it go?  And when I am out training I find myself worrying a lot about falling off my bike or twisting an ankle and injuring myself, silly thoughts, but they all come racing through your head and you just have to ignore them and carry on with your plan.

All I want to do is get out there and start racing.  The kit faff before hand is a nightmare, even more so for this race as there are so many unknowns, and with the weather very likely to be bad you have to pack so much more to ensure you cover almost every possibility.

I have been training hard all winter, and feel that I am going well, but there is always the niggle in the back of your mind asking if you have done enough.  This time last year I was training hard in a gym 3 or 4 times a week, structured training was brilliant, but now I don’t have that it is more of a battle, but looking back on my training I’m happy with what I have done.

The 2011 Team on the Media Day, Richard from the Daily Telegraph, and Mike from the BBC

We got together as a team 2 weeks ago when we were out playing with the BBC, (see this report Team Training).  This gave us the opportunity to sit down and discuss kit and what we are taking, making everything a bit easier.  However all my kit is in various places, some up in Keswick at my Dads, some at another friends house, and most here where I am living now.  This gives me a constant headache as to how to organise my packing, and I need to ensure I’m not making multiple trips to find things.

I am almost packed now, the list is mostly ticked off, and I have the other items lined up to get later today/tomorrow.  My bike is in good shape thanks to my friend Matt who had a fettle with it at the weekend, so now I just need to get it all into a bag, get to London and fly off!

The WPER is different to most, as it doesn’t disclose a team list, so we are going in almost blind as to who we are competing against.  We do know of a few teams who are going, Gear are the biggest rival I guess, they have done the race before, so know the score out there, they are a strong team, and having checked what works and doesn’t last year they may be a team to challenge us.  We know in ourselves that we are a very strong unit though, but with slightly different team members, who knows how it may affect them.

The race is always very tough, but with our past years experience I feel we are in a very strong position to battle it out with whatever opposition we may come across.  The WPER is moving slightly North this year, and it will be run near the Southern Ice Fields, Map of location, so it will be a fantastic new environment for us to explore, and enjoy.  The kit list has not asked for any ice specific items, so we presume there will be no actual ice travel, which is a shame, but we do expect to climb pretty high up into the mountains on the trekking stage.

We fly on the 4th February, landing in Punta Arenas on the following saturday evening, its a long journey, but it will be split with a

Kit testing and Skills checks

nice stop off at a Polo club in Santiago where we will catch up with our sponsors Prunesco, before the last flight.  We will then have to quickly sort our kit out, do the skills tests, buy all our food, prep the maps and get ready to race, a frantic time, but with our past races this should be relatively easy.

Please follow us online, we will try to update our facebook pageTeam adidasTERREX on Facebook, or try our twitter pages @adidasterrex or @bikingbruce and the race websiteWPER Online. Sleepmonsters will also have reports coming in, so this might be your best bet on write ups, Sleepmonsters

We hope to have a brilliant race once again, and we will battle as hard as we can, so watch this space.

Many thanks to all our sponsors for all the help they have given us getting ready for this huge race.



  1. Hi.
    I saw the BBC Breakfast coverage of your training. The expedition race looks incredible. I am in the process of writing a book entitled ‘Be World Class’. I am currently interviewing a wide range of people who are World Class in their field. I would love to interview you, if possible. I would appreciate your views on what it takes to excel, your experiences, how you handle set backs and challenges etc.
    I would really value your viws.
    Thanks Bruce, all the best with the expedition race!


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