Posted by: Bruce Duncan | April 28, 2011

The Epic Tri – Done

Last week was certainly the toughest I have ever had, taking on the 3 biggest endurance challenges possible in the UK and doing them non stop back to back was huge.  I was broken at the finish line, and there had been many times over the week that I thought we wouldn’t make it to the finish.  However with the fantastic support of our friends, and strangers we kept pushing and have raised a huge amount of money for Cancer Research UK.

For all the info and pictures and vidoes check out our epic tri web page hereThe Epic Tri, I have  not got round to doing a write up yet, still loads spinning around my head.  Suffice to say it lived up to its name, it really was an Epic Tri.

I have lots more challenges ahead now, including the 3 peaks Yacht race, Gaelforce West, adidasTERREX Coast to Coast and a few wee events.

Once I have recovered I’ll be back updating this a bit more.




  1. Bruce I’m not surprised you are broken, that was some feat and with the added time pressure…wow. Huge respect. Well done for the fund raising. Your mother would be proud of you.

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