Posted by: Bruce Duncan | June 23, 2011

Niggles and Other excuses

I was due to be heading to North Wales today to compete in the 3 Peaks Yacht Race.  I was really looking forward to it, but I have sadly pulled out, due to a few things.  Mainly, I’m not fit enough at the moment.  I haven’t done much training post Epic Tri, and I was hoping I’d be able to get more in the last month, but I have had a few niggles and also been very busy with work.  All this sums up to mean that it would be silly to race in such a bad state, especially with Gareth, who is very fit just now.

Having been away on the road for about 3 weeks I intend to have a  quiet weekend, running and cycling from home, and not travelling far.  I am away most weekends till the end of September, so this will be a nice rest at home.

I do intend to get back into my training though. Starting with something I have been talking about for ages. Yoga.  I am going to go along and try some Bikram yoga tomorrow in Richmond, this is yoga in a room at 40deg C!!

I have never been to a yoga class, so it will be a bit of a learning curve, but having seen the results of many of my friends who regularly go to such classes it has to be a good thing.  They are all fitter and less injury troubled than ever before.  Up until now with work I have never known when i’d be able to go, so now I have a few months of free time, its time to get into it, and hopefully reap the benefits.

The big prize for me is the Gaelforce West Race in mid August, and then the adidasTERREX coast to coast the following week.  These 2 races have been planned for a while now, and I am very excited about getting strong and fast for them to be able to compete right at the top of both leader boards.

Gaelforce West is a solo race, and the adidasTERREX race is in a team of 3.  Racing in Ireland will be new for me, I have never been, so really looking forward to getting over there, fingers crossed the weather is good so I can enjoy the amazing views so many people have told me about.

Fingers crossed I will be super strong and fit very soon, with the yoga classes, the free time to train, and hopefully some good time with Super Sue in the Lakes to get me in shape, I should be on track to race well in August.

Finally, I hope that summer arrives and it is actually warm to train outside, rather than this autumn we seem to be enduring at present!


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