Posted by: Bruce Duncan | July 18, 2011

Summer Training and other stuff

I have been busy over the last few weeks, after pulling out of the 3 Peaks Yacht Race, I’ve been training as hard as I can, and working to improve the niggles I’ve got with my knees. Training has been going well, getting some good running in, and some swimming. Cycling has been on hold slightly, some wee pikeys stole my road bike a few weeks ago, they sliced through 3 locks to nab it, it was bright orange and huge, who would want it??? The bike wasn’t worth much money, but the annoyance of it was huge, and my pedals were worth a fair bit.

Luckily I was only without a bike for a week, but typically that week would have been perfect for cycling. (I now have a new Boardman bike, its not the flash model, but does the job fantastically, so huge thanks to Halfords for sorting me out.)

Bright sunny mountain biking in the Lakes

I headed up to the Lake District with my girlfriend for a great weekend, after picking Maz up from the Henley Regatta, where I have never felt more out of place in all my life, we had a great time, swimming in Derwent Water, mountain biking up at Whinlatter, running and walking in the glorious sunshine.

This was followed by a trip to the Rounsley Household near Telford. Jim had been fantastic as one of chief supporters during The Epic Tri, and his school were holding a charity week, with a non uniform day raising funds towards our total for Cancer Research UK. I went along to speak to the school about our Epic Tri and thank them for their help. It was great fun, and I had some great questions from the kids, and some startled looks when I read out the stats from our journey.

I then had a fantastic night at Lords Cricket ground watching a T20 county match from the main pavilion, my good friend Emma had got my best friend Tom and I tickets to this prestigious place, and we both loved it.

A weekend in Scotland followed, working for Wildfox Events at the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon, a brilliant event based around Loch Tay, a swim, mountain run, kayak and road bike.

Mark and I meeting Mark Webber in London

This past week I was very busy, I got an invite to a PR launch for the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenege, meeting the man himself too was pretty cool. The next day Nick and I met with Wenger to be presented with some great watches for our victory in the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race, then I was up to my old school, Thomas Alleynes High School, which I left 12 years ago!

Terry Cordy presenting Nick and I with a Nomad Wenger Watch

I was there to talk about The Epic Tri, and adventure racing in general. I spoke to the 6th form and then to some A-Level and GCSE PE classes discussing many of the theory they study, and trying to put it into real life terms. It was a great day, and again they are holding a non uniform day in aid of Cancer Research UK. It was odd being back at my old school, and especially calling my old teachers by their first names! But I really enjoyed myself, seeing the inspiration on some of the faces I spoke to is very rewarding.

I have a good summer planned ahead, my training is going well, no issues with my knees at the moment, having seen super Sue Read and also attending regular yoga classes seems to have eased things a lot. I am heading to Yorkshire and then Scotland for a few weeks, which should be perfect training for the Gaelforce West race in August, and also the adidasTERREX coast to coast.

This week is going to be spent doing some planning for the upcoming Tri Adventure races in the Autumn, planning to get out and test ride the courses on my bike tomorrow, after a rest day today. I got some good road miles in this weekend on my new bike, riding to my friends house for his 30th birthday. The weather was horrific, torrential rain, and I managed to get a puncture, and with no tyre levers (they were on my sideboard when I got home!) I had to improvise and use the quick release skewers to get the tyre off the rim, only took me about 30mins to sort it out, (5 mins when I thought of using the QR’s!).

I’ll hopefully post some updates when I am away training, that’s it for now, best get on with some work!


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