Posted by: Bruce Duncan | August 17, 2011

2 Big Weekends

Tomorrow I am off to Westport on the West coast of Ireland for the Gaelforce West race, a 70km trail run, kayak and road bike race.  Its a fast one, the winners time last year was a little over 3 1/2 hrs!  I’ve been looking forward to it for a few months now, and can’t believe its upon me already.

Having popped over to Ireland a few weeks ago for the Ballyhoora race I met some of the guys who have competed in Gaelforce West a number of times, including last years winner, Padraig Marrey, who is a fast fella for sure.  It is going to be a very tough race, and I’ll give it my all, but I am worried about the lack of course knowledge, the guys who race it regulalry know every step along the way, a huge advantage in a short race.

I fly tomorrow morning, so I am spending today getting all my kit together, sorting out my flat pedals, with such a short race it is faster to use flats with power straps than to change shoes, and have to carry your trainers.

Running over Carlton Bank in the C2C 2009

I come back on Sunday, and then its a quick turnaround as I get all my kit together for the adidasTERREX Coast to Coast.  This is a 4 day stage race, about 5 to 6 hours racing each day, kayaking, running and road and off road cycling.  Whereas Gaelforce West is a solo event, the adidasTERREX C2C is a team event (it can be done solo too), and I am racing with Nicola MacLeod and James Cracknell.  Its set to be a great race, with Accelerate putting out a strong team too.

The race starts on Friday from Whitehaven, finishing in Robin Hoods Bay on Monday afternoon.  The inaugral race 2 years ago was a great success, and served as a brilliant social occasion too, so I am looking forward to that side of the event again, along with 4 top quality days of tough racing.

Its going to be a tough week and a half, but I am looking forward to it, and to testing myself over both courses.  After that I plan on having a bit of a rest too, so can’t wait for that either!

I’ll pop results up as soon as I can, but check out more info on both events here

Gaelforce West

adidasTERREX Coast to Coast

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