Posted by: Bruce Duncan | February 20, 2012

Huairasinchi Adventure Race, Ecuador

It is a little sad to be writing this short piece, as I should still be out with my team racing in the adventure race that we came out here to compete in.

Sadly in the early hours of Sunday we had to pull out of the race, our team mate Thure was having severe issues with his breathing, and there was no way we could continue. After a few hours we got picked up, and taken to lower altitude, as we had been up at about 4000m.

We then made our way back to Quito, where we were very kindly put up by one of our support crew´s parents. Thure then went to hospital to have some more checks, and they have kept him in, to keep an eye on him, and to get his oxygen levels back up. Had we been at lower altitude now he would have been ok, but as Quito sits around the 3000m above sea level mark its not ideal to recover from what he has been through.

It had been a great race, and I will write more later.

Time to pack the bikes up, enjoy some of the Ecuadorian hospitality, and then fly home on wednesday.

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