Posted by: Bruce Duncan | April 13, 2012

Fitness Frustrations

In February, just before I headed over the Atlantic to Ecuador, I was flying, feeling super fit, my body in reasonable shape, and covering the ground really fast.  I had worked hard all winter, building up my speed during many interval sessions, and getting plenty of long runs in.

However, after the crazy travels and work I have had over the past 2 months I seem to have come out the other side feeling rubbish.  I got back to Kendal, and the first training session back I felt like I was going really slowly, I took is steady as I’d just done a lot of traveling, and didn’t think much of it.

I raced at the Open 5 in the White Peak, and went OK, I had other issues, namely my pedal falling off!

The following week though I felt really slow, during the normal Helm Hill running session on The Helm I really did go through the back door.  Where I would normally be leading the group I was with, I was almost last on many of the intervals, unless I really really pushed it, which ruined my legs even more.

Kentmere Horseshoe - With Scafell Pike and the Central fells in the background

The next day Sally dragged me out to the bigger hills.  We ran/walked the Kentmere Horseshoe in fantastic conditions, and even with the amazing sunshine I still had little to give.  I think the mountain bike loop around Kentmere afterwards really polished me off.

I was planning on cycling to Denstone the next day, be decided that was a bit of a big ask really.  So I got a small loop in with Sally and Matt before heading home.  They were to do a 100miler, but Sally’s saddle fell apart soon after I left them, so they had to call for help and get a lift home.

Out biking with Aitch and Sally. Kentmere on a crystal clear day.

I had a very chilled weekend, my only real bit of exercise was winning a sack race at my friends 30th Olympic themed party.

This week I have been relaxing a lot, doing small sessions and also going to the gym to do some good stretching sessions, which should improve my often shocking flexibility and get some more energy in my body.  Having had 3 days with sessions in the sauna and steam room seemed to have helped a bit, as I had a great run over Scout Scar today.

Hopefully I’m getting back in form again, I can’t wait to be able to run and bike around with some power in my legs.  I have a big race in 2 weeks time, so not long to go till that, but I’m on the right track.


  1. I hope you get your power back; nothing worse than knowing you should be doing better.

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